RECOL Kolekton P Super

Heat-bearing, corrosion-resistant, monopropylene glycol-based, low freezing point liquid for closed solar systems. Suitable for all types of solar collectors including vacuum collectors. The liquid is supplied clear


RECOL Kolekton P Super is a clear, non-toxic and biodegradable liquid designed as a ''ready to use'' antifreeze cartridge for closed solar systems and collectors, including vacuum collectors.

It is supplied in concentration to the temperature required by the customer.


Millions of litres of heat transfer fluids are produced annually. Used heat transfer fluids are considered hazardous waste and are therefore strictly regulated and costly to dispose of. According to statistics, only a fraction of the produced heat transfer fluids are handed over to certified companies for proper environmental disposal. It is not known where most of the heat transfer fluids end up, probably in the environment.

The "take-back" and recycling of used heat transfer fluids significantly reduces the amount of waste incinerated and leakage into the environment. RECOL Thermofrost ready-to-use heat transfer fluid contains more than 90% recycled glycol and is therefore environmentally friendly.