DC Solutions team developed standard glycol recovery units with stable capacity from 150l/h to 400l/h pure glycol with water regardless of the level of pollution. The units are designed to recover propylene and ethylene glycols with recommended concentrations above 20%. The result of the filtration developed by DC Solutions is pure glycol with water of the same quality as the newly produced mixture, as proven by strict certifications of Volkswagen Group for use in the automotive industry 

Waste glycol is a hazardous waste that requires costly recycling. Our unit is capable of recovering up to 85% of the glycol back in the same concentration as the source material. 

Recol units are a flexible, pre-engineered, standardized and ready-to-assemble glycol recovery. The units we have developed are designed to recover glycols through a thorough separation of unwanted substances, based only on physical processes. A fully automatic skid-mounted station is easy to install and includes all necessary components. It is delivered prefabricated and pre wired as a plug-and-play glycol recovery system.

 Main benefits

 • Very low operating costs and energy consumption 

• Short return on investment due to the high price of glycols 

• Compact design for small footprint, less instruments, simple piping and installation 

• Automated design for easier operation 

• PLC control with touch screen HMI provides automatic control 

• Can be optionally equipped with remote access and control 

• Short delivery time • Made in EU according to European norms and standards

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