RECOL Coolant G Ready-mix -30°C

RECOL Coolant G Ready-mix -30°C is recycled glycol based antifreeze/coolant, that meets VW TL 774-G (G12++) specification for use in automotive industry.


RECOL "ready to use" coolant has violet color and it is suitable for all engines including all-aluminum engines. Product is being tested according to strict specifications from modern car manufacturers. It has a long-time stability also at high operating temperatures and protects steel engines parts from corrosion.


RECOL is recycled antifreeze/coolant. Every year millions of liters of coolants are being produced. Used coolants are considered as hazardous waste and so their disposal is strictly regulated and so costly. According to statistics only a fraction of the produced coolants are handed to certified companies for proper ecological disposal. It is unknown where the majority of the coolants are ending, most probably in the environment.

Thanks to the "take-back" and the recycling of the used coolants the amount of incinerated waste and leaks to the environment are significantly reduced. RECOL ready to use coolant contains more than 90 % of recycled glycol and so it is environmentally friendly.