Our company has developed a technology for ecological recycling of antifreeze mixtures on the basis of propylene glycol and ethylene glycol.

Our goal is to prevent waste of resources and reduce the ecological footprint by disposing of glycols both in the Czech Republic and worldwide. While the rejection ratio of brake fluids and oils is relatively high in Czech Republic, only 5% of glycol mixtures are collected. This issue occurs mainly because glycol based mixtures are toxic to humans and animals, and also because they contain heavy metals, including lead, chromium and cadmium.


 RECOL is recycled antifreeze/coolant. Every year millions of liters of coolants are being produced. Used coolants are considered as hazardous waste and so their disposal is strictly regulated and so costly. According to statistics only a fraction of the produced coolants are handed to certified companies for proper ecological disposal. It is unknown where the majority of the coolants are ending, most probably in the environment.

Thanks to the "take-back" and the recycling of the used coolants the amount of incinerated waste and leaks to the environment are significantly reduced. RECOL ready to use coolant contains more than 90 % of recycled glycol and so it is environmentally friendly.

What is antifreeze mixture and what is it used for:

Antifreeze is a combination of water, glycol, inhibitors and additives. This mixture is used to cool internal combustion engines and other various heat transfer applications, such as in air conditioning water circuits, solar water heaters and also as a de-icing fluid for aircraft at airports.

The antifreeze is mixed in the ratio of concentration and freezing point required for the specific application. The fluid itself does not lose its properties over time, but due to degradation of corrosion inhibitors, additives and partial oxidation of glycol, the fluid must be replaced periodically and approximately every 3-6 years. Our company has therefore focused on development of technology that is as energy efficient as possible and that can effectively separate inhibitors and additives. Our filtered and treated mixture can be reused to produce a new mixture while maintaining all the original properties. After filtration, developed by company DC Solutions, only pure glycol and water remains, at the same concentration as when it was taken.

Our first M1 mobile unit is the result of several years of work. The unit is capable of cleaning up to 150 litres of liquid per hour, with a yield of over 85% and very low energy consumption. The plant we have developed is designed to recover glycols through a thorough separation of unwanted substances, based only on physical processes. The result of the filtration developed by DC Solutions is pure glycol with water of the same quality as the newly produced mixture, as proven by strict certifications of Volkswagen Group for use in the automotive industry.  

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